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Well Californians actually voted to raise taxes so they could actually pay for things like education, sanitation and necessities. So there's at least one state that knows you can't get something for nothing.

In regards to immigration reform the answer is here:

Cuban Refugee Adjustment Act

If they're gonna come here en masse, might as well make it a more streamlined process to legitimize them.

Granted the Dems are useless to such a staggering degree when it comes to seizing the moment, but it astounds me none of them have used it as a method of leveraging more power against the Republicans amongst Latinos. Think about it: if the Republicans in Washington want to fight against applying the CRAA, to illegals coming out of Mexico, they'll have to start criticizing the CRAA itself, like "legitimate rape" type of criticizing, which they've been so prone to since the Affordable Healthcare debacle. They are nearly incapable of not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I mean any argument they make will by association insult Cubans, they can't avoid falling into that mess. It'd be a great test to see if the election has burst their bubble or if its back to business as usual. This of course would PISS OFF Cubans (seriously, the CRAA is like gospel), who overwhelmingly vote Republican and would find the party further alienating Latino voters. Or they could just agree and TAH-DAH! Immigration reform!
You can't have a streamlined immigration policy the way our government is today. Back in the 19th century when there was literally no welfare and socialism you could get away with it. It might make sense today if there wasn't a welfare system, free education, and free hospital care that they can benefit from.

I'm all for a streamlined immigration system in this country but we have to seriously start getting rid of welfare system if we truly want to embrace more open borders. We're already giving enough welfare to too many Americans in this country we can't afford to give welfare to those who haven't even paid a dime yet to this country (let alone all of the foreign aid we give some of these nations to begin with). It is also a matter of principle.

So what is the answer? Seriously.

Do we completely close the borders down and stop ALL immigration? Period.

Do we completely open the borders up and let anybody in anytime? Period.

Is it somewhere in between? Do we keep some sort of immigration system in place like we have today where you have to apply, wait a certain period, and pass a test? Should you be required to understand English?

What about people that "skip the line" and don't go through the same procedure that legal immigrants take? Are they allowed to stay? Is the rule, you can't come in without following X procedure but if you manage to sneak by then congratulations, you're also in?

What about illegal aliens that have babies here in the states? Is the rule that if you can sneak in and drop a baby on American soil you're allowed to stay? If not, what happens to the kid? Is he kicked out too?

What's the answer? I ask this seriously as I've met very few people on either the left or the right with a consistent, concrete answer to this question.

Would illegals essentially be allowed to continue to break the law so long as the don't break another law?

And what about illegal aliens that may have been indirectly involved in a crime or have seen a crime or have had a crime committed against them? Would they be able to freely go to the police without the fear of being deported?