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not really , girls are drawn to "bad boy" .... it is the female nature to think they can change him.

from personnal experience , if i try to be romantic and extra-caring , she won't love me for long because there's no challenge having me around. But if i sound disinterested and above-it-all , mostly because i truly don't care , i just can't get rid of them.

True love is the balance between the two i guess.

John Mayer will still get more pussy whatever i try to best him ... he got more money and fame than me. Sad fact of life.
I have to agree that some women do like the bad boy in a man
But it depends on how bad he is and sometimes if that man loves a woman he will try and change his behavour if he doesnt want to lose waht he has got

So l think a man can change if he really wants too
I cant beleive that if you are loving and caring a woman would not want to stay with you

If it was me l would love to have that from a man to feel loved is wonderful Dirtyfrog
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