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It seems that Craig's Bond movies are intent on not only bringing character back to the franchise, but also pay homage to those movies that catapulted the character to international superstardom in the first place - particularly Connery's movies. With Casino Royale, you saw an inexperienced Bond dealing with love, starting out as a double-0, as well as paying respect to Dr. No with Daniel Craig's coming out of the water. In QoS, we see how Craig deals with lost love while paying homage to Goldfinger's infamous shot of a dead Bond girl covered in gold paint. Skyfall continues that tradition with continued emphasis on character, awesomeness, and paying tribute to past Connery movies (with a little shoutout/dig to Brosnan's Goldeneye).

Daniel Craig is slowly becoming the best Bond to fill the character's shoes. He's made the character his own - bringing the character into the 21st century. He delivers all the character's usual attributes: tough, suave, charming, funny, etc. But he's also delivering characteristics - especially in this movie -that make him more relatable to everyday audiences: weaknesses, emotions when it comes to his past, and the inability to adjust to a troubling event in his life. In this movie, Craig has to deal with a lot of things while taking on a villain that is threatening MI6. And Craig delivers, once again, and shows that he is one of the best actors to portray the character.

To get a good character study from the Bond character, I think the movie needs a good script to go along with it. Skyfall has a great script, bringing in aspects of Bond's past, as well as M's. Together they have to take on a villain from M's past. Seeing Bond take on Javier Bardem's villain is a lot of fun in that Silva is a formidable opponent in that he's smart, resourceful, and quite insane. The story also throws in shoutouts to Goldfinger as well as M's and MI6's classic look from Connery's and Moore's era - LOVED IT!!

However, this new Bond movie didn't forget how to show a Bond fan a good time. The action sequences are as good as ever with motorcycle chases, a fight on a train, and Sam Mendes does wonders with silhouette sequences - particularly a one-on-one fight between Bond and a baddie. And the final showdown was absolutely spectacular with gunfights, explosions, and maybe even a little symbolism. Great stuff. We also see the return of Q - who probably had the most to do since Licence to Kill and Moneypenny. The cast can officially be regarded as "great" with Ralph Fiennes and a bit part by Albert Finney. This movie has so much going for it and I see no problem regarding it as one of the best of the franchise.

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