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Watched it the other night and liked it a lot. If the budget was really that low the guys who produced it did an amazing job as the period atmosphere and detail is incredible I thought. The only weak point is the ending, just doesn´t make sense to me and feels like a cheap way to go out. But otherwise this can´t be recommended enough.

I love "Kill Baby Kill aka Operatione Paura". Bava´s knack for atmospheric horror is unmatched and that whole sequence which ends in the repeating room is pure evil genius. Sorta which they´d release a decent version of it already.
What mattered to me in "Eyes of Fire" was that...

...the main story ended with on a good note of closure. Then, they escape onto a new frontier and the evil finds them (or they are still on the same terrotory)? Whatever. It would have better without the final shock and also perhaps the flashback plot device bookending it (the only convention to be found in it). Can't recall how it would affect the narration, but it doesn't matter. Like you said, it is hardly enough to ruin the movie...

..."Kill Baby Kill" was the last movie in a boxset with "Black Sunday," "The Girl Who Knew Too Much," "Black Sabbath" and "Knives of the Avenger." It is The Mario Bava Collection Volume 1 and they are supposedly remastered and cleaned up. From what I recall, they all looked good. "Kill Baby Kill" certainly did. Among them...

Black Sunday - **1/2 out of 4

The Girl Who Knew Too Much - *** - may have been the invention of the giallo film and is a good one.

Black Sabbath - **1/2

Knives of the Avenger - ***

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