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2) Superman - The last days of Krypton - my idea for a Superman origin story, go back to the very beginning, go back to Krypton, and show exactly how its destroyed. Everyone knows it is, nobody knows how exactly. (maybe the mystery is part of the charm, and this is something better left unexplored) It also gets around doing a Superman movie that may be boring because Supes is too powerful: on Krypton, nobody has superpower.
Good call boss. I fucking love Superman and would love to see a story like this. While I know the upcoming Man of Steel movie isn't going to go into much detail on this (at least I'm assuming it won't) I still have hopes it'll be a good flick. And this is coming from someone who LOVED Superman Returns as well!

But yeah, on Krypton everyone was the same... Could really delve into the Superman mythos for sure. Good idea!
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