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I like you MovieMaster, I honestly do. And having said that, it actually pains me to have to tell you this. But with all due respect, and in light of current events, namely your disrespectful conduct towards a fellow member. Bondgirl, to be precise. I firmly believe that it is you who do not belong on a movie message forum. Your conduct thus far in regards to Bondgirl has been disgusting at best. Where exactly do you get off insulting her in that manner? Nobody is perfect. We all know that. And when a very large group of people from every corner of the world starts posting on a message board, there are sure to be differences of opinion as well as conflicts of interest. That's a given at any time on the Net. We all like to have our say, no? And Bondgirl, you, me, and every other member on MFC deserve that privilege. And that is to be heard, respected and in some cases mildly tolerated. Over the seven years that I have been a member of this great community, I have seen plenty of jerks come and go. Yes, I am also a jerk. Call me a troll if you will, as some already do. But in a different sense of the word. Acting like a dickhead and actually being one are two different things in case you didn't know.

See, here's the thing. I always knew where to draw the line. I don't blatantly insult good people at point blank range when it's not deserved, whether its joking or not, and then pat myself on the back thinking how good I am. That is simply retarded and immature on your part. And who are you to make such a belittling statement directed at another forum member? Who are you? If you don't like reading Bondgirl's posts, then just stay the fuck out. I am sick and tired of seeing her have to constantly defend her typos, grammatical errors, and inconsistencies to other members. She shouldn't have to. She is here like most people, to mingle with the crowd, and talk about our mutual love of Film and Television. And it's individuals such as yourself that spoil that experience. I'll finish up by saying why don't you go and post on a Hello Kitty forum, seriously? Because it is you and your like that should be finding another venue to go and insult people on. In plain English, here's a simple little online philosophy I found that you can try to adhere to in the future. Grow the fuck up. Or shut the fuck up. Be a little more tolerant with her from now on. I think that you owe her an apology. But that's just me.

As for Elizabeth Shue. She never really did much for me.
Thankyou God of war for posting
You are rigght no one is perfect and like you said everyone should be welcome here

I have had commnets that have upset me but Moviemaker has overstepped the line

i know there ar members here who would like me to leave and there is another post in the celeb area where two members have pointed out that l am a idiot and that l post like a akward person

That upset me too

But to be told that l should go to another forum because you think l post like a child is terrible

I know l do not spell very well and in here l have made a terrible mistake by referring to the wrong actress but Movie maker you should have pointed this out instead of bullying me

it is a simple thing to say something possitive instead of using negative words

I am going to stay on the forum because well even though waht was said here was upsettting l feel that l am a strong woman to keep going and if l am strong enough to put up with waht Movie maker has said l can fight anything

God of war thankyou for the support and to other members who do want me here

I hope you do anyway