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The first part has little to do with the second. Cheating on your wife has nothing to do with security leaks. They are separate issues. Cheating did not seem to hinder the work Kennedy was doing at the time.
Just because Kennedy didn't get balckmailed doesn't mean he didn't leave himself open to it... remember for a little while him and a mafia boss were fucking the same chick. Not exactly a risk-averse scenario.

Washington Post

" The Washington Post fills in some more details on what led to Petraeus's Spyfall, and it looks like it's getting a little Fatal Attraction-y up in here.

What we knew: the FBI got involved because someone, presumably Broadwell, had "sought access to [Petraeus's] email" account, and the bureau was worried that he had been hacked, or otherwise compromised. This is a big ol' problem, because I can think of lots of rogue states that would love to poke around through the CIA Director's Gmail.

What we know now: the investigation initially had nothing to do with Petraeus, but was rather a routine harassment investigation. Broadwell had been sending abusive emails to another woman, one she considered a romantic rival for Petraeus's affections, and she had done it from Petraeus's account. From there, the FBI went through his emails, and discovered the affair."


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