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Yes, indeed they did, which was the main reason they decided to go for a more gritty approach. I thought including web shooters in the form of an ever changing method as opposed to the organic ones infamous in Raimi's trilogy was a nice departure, Gwen instead of MJ, a better Aunt May and Uncle Ben. I wouldn't say it sucked, it was average, but it was tons better than Spider-Man 3.
LOL DUDE! Did you just go through all my posts? Stalker.

I liked the organic web shooters better. I can live with the change, but it is a small detail. One thing I did not like is that he was the way he became spiderman. They could not come up with something better. Boring. I did not think this was gritty at all. Yes, it was better than the worst Spidey. The producers should be proud.
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