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"I Love It" is definitely a top-ten song for me. Summer jam, etc.

Only thing I have left to listen to is Hecker/Lopatin, Memory Tapes, Big Boi, and, fuck, Scott Walker. If "Epizootics!" is indicative of anything forthcoming than I just don't know what. I'm debating whether or not to give Matthew Friedberger's latest batshit album concept a spin. I probably will, since I think he's unfairly maligned. I'll keep you posted!

Not getting too excited about the "Sir Lucious" follow-up even though I haven't heard the singles.

This year's disappointments: Memoryhouse, Micachu, The Tallest Man on Earth, everything Ty Segall, Purity Ring (singles band), Frank Ocean (despite the undeniable greatness of some of the tracks), Teengirl Fantasy, Matthew Dear, Jens Lekman, Titus Andronicus x 10

Favorite EPs: Serengeti, Times New Viking, Dum Dum Girls

I also really love that Passion Pit album despite societal pressures saying no, it's uncool. The sentiments contained therein come for a genuine place, you know?
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