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The Hidden

it's action packed right from the opening scene

Bad Boys with sean penn is also a good choice and so is steve martin in Roxanne. L.A. story is good too but that came out in the 90's.

Repo Man. the scene where the cop opens the trunk will forever be etched in my head.

Bachelor Party- with tom hanks


remember the scene where the guy walks into the bathroom he has just had sex with some girl. his friend is in there. he tells him that he's in love. he says 'marriage, kids, the works' then she walks in and says 'excuse me gentlemen' she walks over lifts up the toilet seat and begins to pee haha

I also enjoyed

one crazy summer and summer rental

I also remember watching Repo Williams:the adventure begins. from what I understand it was supposed to be the start of a series of movies with that character, but the first movie wasn't a success so no sequels were ever made

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