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You know, a lot of the movie's themes have been resonating with me and I've been thinking a lot of the movie now almost to the point where I think I might actually like this movie more after watching it again and again. It does have some pretty great themes of facing one's own age and facing one's own mortality. For instance, M facing the possibility of a forced retirement and after Bond returning not fully heeled and having been seriously hurt and damage from his assignment early in the movie. And Ralph Fiennes asking Bond and M essentially why bother coming back? And when M is being questioned in court, I love her response to the accusation that MI6 is an obsolete organization. That, on the contrary, because they live in a world more scary than ever before where they no longer know who their enemies are and where they are located, MI6 and agents like Bond, are more necessary and needed than ever before.

Some great stuff there and I really hope Judi Dench gets an Oscar nomination. She really deserves it IMO. She's magnificent in the movie.
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