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Every so often some smuck will come out with the notion that the dark genre is dying, say what, have you seen the number of movies/books/comics being pumped out World wide currently? If anything horror has never been healthy than it is at the moment.

I think North Americans get depressed due to the general amount of dribble released by a formulaic Boredwood each year, who want's to see another teen orientated slasher for example. However each year there are some interesting movies being made by the Indies, the International industries are pumping out some pretty solid and different releases, and film schools around the globe are training new movie makers who have an eye on dark genre releases.

If you delve into the genre through the past 100 years or so you'll notice it's cyclical, there's lows and highs.

Current trends I think that have had their day, Boredwood is yet to cotton on

1. Found footage flicks, they are starting to get boring, actually fell asleep during PA 4, though did surprisingly enjoy The Devil Inside.

2. Vampire paranormal romance schlock, come on Twilight might have been a box office juggernaut but everything else has flopped badly, including that one about a chick who falls in love with a zombie, I mean really? - that was a bad joke to begin with.

3. Teen lite horror, anyone else noticing ticket sales are dropping off.

Currently having a bit of a j-horror thing, going beyond Ring and Ju-On, those dudes can certainly throw together a nasty concept when they put their minds to it!
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