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I think if the Raimi movies didn't exist, this movie would get a lot more love. As it is, I thought that technically it was probably the best Spider-man movie, but they tried nothing new and took 0 risks with it. It was more or less a straight forward remake of a movie from a franchise that ended just 5 years ago. Spider-man has such a huge history and backlog of villains so it was disappointing to see they did nothing new (technically we had never seen the Lizard, but how many times did we have to see the "mentor/adult" in Peter Parker's life turns into misunderstood villain" arc in the past movies?). If the rumors of the Green Goblin being set up through this new trilogy are true, it makes it even more of a disappointment. And Jamie Foxx/Electro as a main villain in the next one just doesn't seem that exciting. Hopefully they have something else planned in addition to that.
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