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I actually think both "Gold" titled films in the series are overrated imo. I may be revoking my Bond fan License with this, but Goldfinger is one of least favorite films in the series and I think Goldeneye has a very sterile and cold narrative. It's got some standout action scenes, but the pacing and tone of the film is just....bland. Brosnan is rather bland in it himself. He's almost too nice in the part. He didn't feel like Bond to me. It's not all bad. Like I said, the action is good, it's got a bitchin' theme song from Tine Turner, and Dench as M is always great but there is something about the way the film plays out that leaves me cold. Everybody loves Sean Bean as the villain, but he tragically underused imo.

I'm almost afraid to get into why I think Goldfinger sucks, but I guess you deserve an explanation. Bond is a buffoon in it. He's gets by more by luck than anything else. He's so inept in the film it almost feels like he's being played for laughs. Say what you want about Clown-Bond in Octopussy, the dude got the job done. I just feel Goldfinger lacks the charm of later films in the series and the cool intrigue of the more grounded films. Thunderball is the best of both worlds. It's got the intrigue and charm, making it, for me, what Goldfinger should have been.
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