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Dehydrator, I believe the boxset is the real deal. The first four movies feature the original Italian scores and sound tracks, and/or the original uncut presentations. They came with subtitles, some with the option of dubbing, and I always opted for the subtitles. The widescreen formats did look good. According to the "Kill, Baby, Kill" cover, its presentation has been remastered from all-new elements to create the highest quality version seen in the United States (after being plagued for decades by inferior public domain transfers). Sounds like they did their best to fix the problem and I did like I what I saw. It looked good. The catch is, "Kill, Baby, Kill" ought to be available properly remastered as its own DVD as well, but it being an older movie and Bava passed away, it's not so simple.

HannibalGuy, you might like "Jack's Back." I wanted to like it, but found myself siding with Leonard Maltin, who especially found it to be contrived. Roger Ebert, on the other hand, accepted its contrived premise and quite liked it. Another professional reviewer, Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever (a movie review book), also liked it.

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