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Horror, I do appreciate the amount of work you do for this. Not just tallying the scores and laying down the law, but doing it so regularly and without fail. Hell, I have trouble just getting around to taking the two minutes it takes to make picks every week.

That said, I'm glad Erroneous is double checking your work. It's only now that I realized I've just been pretty much been taking what you say on faith. I think it would be kinda funny if you had in fact been rigging your way to victory this whole time.
I appreciate the kind words I've been running this for about 9 years now I took after ownership of this after year 1. I do like the fact that I do have Erroneous or in the case everyone else here rechecking their scores just incase I have even underscored myself a couple times in the past lol

I do try to be fair to everyone to me it's better winning this way I havent won this thing in like 7 years

Anyhoo week 11 picks(please NFL find to a way to eliminate the ties)

14 Houston
13 Atlanta
12 Denver
11 Green Bay
10 Tampa Bay
9 New Orleans
8 Baltimore
7 Dallas
6 St. Louis
5 New England
4 Cincinnati
3 Miami
2 Washington
1 San Francisco

Last of the bye weeks thank god
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