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I've often noticed how Bond films try to fit in with what's cool at the moment. Tomorrow Never Dies definitely tapped into the resurgance of kung fu in Hollywood with stars like Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh (obvs.) making box office hits. This happened with The Man with the Golden Gun released when Bruce Lee was big in Hollywood. More recently of course you have the more visceral and realistic fighting made popular by Bourne in Casino Royale and all of Craig's movies to date. You could even see the effect of blaxplotation in Live and Let Die and the emergence of computer-centred thrillers in A View to a Kill.

I liked Tomorrow Never Dies probably even more than Goldeneye. Like you say, I think Brosnan really hit his stride with this one.
Yeah this. Licence to Kill was kind of James Bond meets Scarface or Miami Vice, and Moonraker took more than a few hints from Star Wars.
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