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I'm revisting the "Saw" series right now. Every three nights, I watch the next chapter. It's a nice way to spend November. I can't rank them and rating them is irrelevent. I like them all. *** out of 4 if anything.

Last revisited the series two years ago and no longer had any issues with "Saw V." It is too heavy with the flashbacks, and the trapped characters are less sympathetic, but that doesn't bother me. Its responsibility was to show how Detective Hoffman became an apprentice and it does a good job. Hoffman isn't that expressive, perhaps intentionally because he doesn't feel anything anymore after so much loss and death in his life, but we do see an emotional outburst from him when Jigsaw confronts him. That is a key scene for him. It also has a hell of an ending. But I think using the tagline "You won't believe how it ends" wasn't the right idea. That tagline is more fitting with "Saw IV," and it ultimately led people to believe an even bigger twist was coming in "Saw V," which there wasn't. There was a small twist and a spectacular final trap (the first movie to tease you with it and show its execution in rated-R glory). It didn't matter to me that the final twist wasn't so big. The twists had to start slowing down at some point.

Upon revisiting "Saw II" recently, I no longer have issues with that one. It used to bother me that the trapped people were in a house with less spectacular traps. But hell, it is intense and dark enough on its own terms. It is the chapter that officially treats Jigsaw/John Kramer as a character and he has some interesting discussions with Donnie Wahlberg.

I'm through with the first five movies and tonight will be "Saw VI." A shame what happened with that one. People paid for "Saw V," were disappointed by it, and as a result, "Saw VI" was the first of the movies to not kill in the box-office. A lot of fans gave up on it. Even though it makes up for "Saw V." It seems like every series starts showing its age at Part 5.

What I appreciate about this series is that it offered a mystery and soap opera to invest into. It wasn't just traps and gore. It kept going and never took a break. Every year, it was "If it's Halloween, it must 'Saw'." It gave us something to look forward to. It went all the way and paid the inevitable price of fatigued fans losing interest at a certain point. And when they realized enough fans were losing interest, they knew the game had to eventually come to an end and go out with a bang. And that they did.

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