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Saw it at TIFF and loved it. It's predictable, sure, but the thing that separates it from other romantic comedies is that its characters aren't one dimensional idiots. I just loved watching these people interact. I love how Cooper's character can be jogging down the street with a garbage bag over him and Lawrence's character questions it, but kind of just doesn't give a fuck. These two characters have an unspoken understanding of each other, which I found made the film pretty powerful, even if it is relatively light. I also liked how instead of Cooper having to adjust to everyone around him, they come to accept him for who he is. He may be a little nutty and will throw the occasional Hemingway book out the window, but he's ultimately pretty harmless unless you bang his wife or make fun of an Asian person.

Acting wise, the performances are great across the board. Lawrence has been getting the most praise, and while I agree, I think Cooper is right up there with her. I can't remember the last on screen couple who were this compulsively watchable. De Niro also gives his best performance in at least a decade.

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