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Old 11-15-2012, 11:11 PM
Anyway I'm getting sick of looking like I'm defending the Republicans. It seems like anytime someone mentions one party or another as being the main culprit I have to point out what their party does wrong or just or just about as guilty of doing. Then when I do people think I'm a Republican or Democrat. Being that this board seems mostly Democrat I bet I'm pretty sure I'm coming across as being a Republican.

Its the reason why we can't get past one party system we have. If someone defends the faults of their party, 3rd party members (or people who want to be 3rd party) try to convince them the Democrats are really bad or the Republicans are really bad. Then you come across as being a Democrat or Republican aka the enemy in their eyes when all you're trying to do is convince them the lesser of two evils is still evil. Buying and spending our country to give it an extra 10 years isn't going to mean much to the next generation. So anyway they probably think you're secretly Republican or Democrat no matter what you say so they remain defending their party because its "anything to not let those Dems or Reps into office." Maybe eventually it will sink in for them but chances are it won't.

In many way the Republicans are worse than Democrats. Most promise smaller government and less spending but if they do that its political suicide for them so they end up being lying two faced assholes so they can get reelected. Democrats at least are a little more up front with their purpose (who's policies I am completely against). Aside from a few libertarian leaning Republicans like Ron Paul (and to a lesser degree Gary Johnson) in the party, there are about 7 or 8 Dick Cheneys. It's just like trading in one group of Big Government clowns for another.

So take out up front honesty Democrats and the Libertarian leaning Republicans. Both parties are basically the same to me. Its like I don't know what's worse someone stabbing me in the back or in the front. Either way I don't want to get fucking stabbed.