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There are a lot of reasons why I liked The Amazing Spider-Man more than Raimi's movies. For one, I think Andrew Garfield is a better Peter Parker than Tobey Maguire. Second, Garfield and Emma Stone have much better chemistry than Maguire and Kirsten Dunst did.

Martin Sheen cast as Uncle Ben was a stroke of genius. He was great, although Uncle Ben's death was handled way better in Raimi's movie. That is one thing I will give Raimi's movie. Another thing I'll give Raimi's movie is Rosemarie Harris. She was a truly wonderful Aunt May. Better than Sally Field, though to be fair, Sally Field had barely anything to do in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Finally, I really love the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Peter's parents. And their connection to Oscorp. Some very intriguing stuff that was just barely scratched on the surface and I'm looking forward to them delving into more in the upcoming sequel.
Pretty much everything you said here.

Oh and X-Men: DOFP....I have high high hopes. I love that story. I will be thrilled if it's on par with or better than FC..Realistically though, If it is a bad film more in line with Origins or Last Stand I will, unfortunately, probably be done with the X movies for at least a couple of entries. Too much disappointment. Like a roller coaster ride of a relationship, it is straining to how much I care about a franchise...especially one of which I grew up with and have held onto my love for over the years, all stemming from the comics and animated series which to me have always 100% defined that universe.

Seriously, it's like X-Men: EH, X2: YES!, LS: :-/, Origins: NIGH! NIGH! NIGH!, FC: YES! YES! EH! YES!, I can't take much more.

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