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Apparently we are supposed to get a trailer with The Hobbit, and yeah I can't fucking wait either.
HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE. So, you're telling me that there is a chance; a real live four- dimensional chance; that on December 14th, 2012 I will be seeing the first part of The Hobbit..trilogy(is that what we call this thing now?) most likely in 48fps and on a glorious IMAX screen- but before that shit even starts I will see the first 9 minutes of Stark Trek: ITD, which is already enough to make me pretty thirsty (if you catch my drift, giggity) but either before or after that almost certainly glorious 9 minutes, I will see what Guillermo thinks giant fucking robots would look like beating the dog piss out of each other in a big futuristic city?! I'm totally content with my 2012 year in movie watching if I cap the year off like that. BAM. If this is old news forgive me, sometimes I sleep on shit I am supposed to really be excited for apparently haha

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