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Singer reminds me a lot of Peter Jackson: he's really only good when it comes to directing movies based in the universe he loves so much. I thought X2 is easily the best X-Men movie and quite arguably in the top ten comic book movies. I like the more grounded approach Singer offers, but it'll be interesting to see how he deals with this since Wolverine is no longer the focus. I personally thought First Class was overrated and didn't like the ending--specifically the way Charles ends up so early.
1. BTW Singer only produced X-Men : First Class ... Matthew Vaugh actually was the director ( Singer was only the director for X-Men 1 & 2 ).He left X3 to direct Superman Returns but will return as a director for XMOFP

2. Lots of discrepancy between the 2 universe ... especially the reason with Xavier is in a wheelchair but i can live with that

DOFP will rule if it can manage to bridge the gap between the 2 timelines.
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