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The film doesn't have these problems that you're worried about. There are some contrivances, as with any romantic comedy, but I didn't find the main character was completely out of touch with reality. He is to a degree, because he's just suffered some pretty severe trauma, but not in the sense that you mean. It's not really a quirky movie at all. It's legitimately sharp and witty, and also very honest. What I liked about it was that because both of the main characters have suffered pretty severe trauma, it puts them on common ground, which makes them feel comfortable around each other and makes for very honest conversations. There's one great scene near the beginning when they have a back and forth about all of the antidepressants they have taken. It feels very real and natural.
This is exactly what I hoped for when I first started hearing the early buzz. I have a feeling I will probably thoroughly enjoy it, I'm just always weary with how movies like this are handled, I feel quite a connection to these types of flicks when they are handled properly, but when they are over board hip, or intentionally edgy all the time I just get worn down by it all. Gonna go check this out tomorrow afternoon I believe, i'll report back my thoughts...Anyone else keep getting the names of this and The Perks of Being a Wallflower mixed up? I have been calling them both by the wrong name off and on since the TIFF reviews came in ha.
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