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Thank, everyone. Spike, when you say you waited out all night for the Wii - Like what time did you get there and what time did you leave? How far back were you in line? This might be something I just drive by a few times during the night and see how the line is going.
We got there at about 10pm and the store opened at 8am. We were like 20th in line. This was Philadelphia, so obviously a big city.

I happened to walk by the local Best Buy tonight that is doing the midnight release and there were already some people camped out in chairs and blankets. After much deliberation I don't think I'm going to be able to stomach the outside wait.

I expect that by January it will be easy enough to get a hold of one, and perhaps if Nintendo is right then the stores will be continuously stocked throughout the pre-Christmas weeks and I can always check back. There's no need for me to rush and get one immediately.
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