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The islands is Key West which lies in the Straits of Florida.

Looking for a fun place to spend the Summer? The Florida Keys may be the answer. The Florida Keys, known for their white sandy beaches, attract millions of tourists each year. This area enjoys tropical weather all throughout the year, making the Keys one of the best tourist destination any time of year.

The Florida Keys consist of 1,700 islands that are home to several species of indigenous animals and plants. Probably the most popular among the islands is Key West which lies in the Straits of Florida, at the Southern most tip of the Florida Keys.

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One of its most prominent beaches is Smathers Beach, which the largest public beach on the island, stretching over 0.8 kilometers of pure, white sand.Key West has many hotels and beach resorts to accommodate local and foreign tourists.

These places offer peaceful and comfortable hotel rooms and cottages and have fantastic views of the beach. They also provide services for guests that are looking for water activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing, and scuba diving. Some of the most popular Key West hotels (by the beach) are the Casa Marina Resort, Sunrise Suites Resort Key West, and Banana Bay Resort and Marina.
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