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The Sessions

This movie was completely beautiful. John Hawkes is just brilliant and if there is any justification with the Academy, he will win the Oscar. The fact he can give such emotional with using only his face was just amazing. I still can't get over how fantastic he was in this. I haven't seen him in much and he's never really impressed me that much but he was a revelation here. Helen Hunt was equally as impressive here. It's been widely discussed about her nudity in the film, and it was all necessary to the plot and it wouldn't have been the same without it in all honesty. I loved that nearly in every scene where she was with Hawkes she was completely nude and every scene where she was going to sleep in her bed with her husband she was fully clothed, whether he had clothes on or not. It was a bold, brave performance and one that needs to be rewarded in some way. Beautiful is really the one word I can use to describe this film. It moved me so much, I cried three different times, two of those times I was out right bawling my eyes out. It's a feel good movie about a taboo subject. It has a whole hell of heart, tons of laughs and it will move you so much. There are a few minor quibbles I had (one of them being the last shot... It kind of felt like a cheap jab to make people cry when the theater was already in tears) but nothing to make this any less than one of my favorites films of the years. It's a very, very special movie.

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