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The Comedy

Not gonna get too into it right now, but I am planning on typing up a pretty extensive essay on this movie sometime very soon. I felt that while it was most definitely not geared towards everyones (or many people for that matter) taste, it provided a ridiculously sharp observation of post 20's hip America and the very small percentage of the population who seems to understand exactly what is happening in front of them, yet never bats an eyelash or raises a hand to care about a single thing outside of their comfortable faux-upper class existence. Heidecker is potent and surprised the living hell out of me, I have been a fan of Tim & Eric for years but he truly branches out of his area of expertise (or infamy depending on how you look at that show) and proves himself to be someone we should definitely be keeping a closer eye on. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes their comedies so black that they are in straight up drama territories of uneasiness, and any conscious thought on the characters developing on screen usually sounds along the lines of "Jesus Christ, this is fucking strange."

A satire so biting and dark and joyously dry while doing so, that unfortunately I wouldn't be at all surprised if it has the potential to be viewed 25 years down the line as an honest portrayal of the "cool kids" of Gen X when they hit their mid 20's- early 30's and lost track of what got them on track in the first place.
I am really looking forward to seeing this. When I first saw the trailer I had exactly the "This is fucking strange" sentiment, but the more I hear about it, the more I see the 'point' behind it, which just gets me fucking more excited about seeing this. I love how this subject matter is tackled.