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When I initially saw [The Dark Knight Rises], I gave it a 7/10, but when I watched it last night I tried giving it the benefit of the doubt but even then, it's still hasn't sat well with me. As a finisher to the whole 'epic' trilogy, it's a somewhat fitting conclusion which led to the higher rating, but as a standalone film it's easily Nolan's worst and could easily deserve a 6/10 because of the points you mentioned on top of the inclusion of the over-the-top opening that didn't even make sense, the inclusion of Talia was poorly handled, and of course the constant annoyance of John Blake. I say disappointed not because it didn't exceed my expectations of being better than The Dark Knight, which I didn't expect to happen, but it wasn't even on the level of Batman Begins.
This is valid. It is a surprisingly lackluster finish for such a well-renowned and highly love series. It wasn't until after I posted my venomous verbosity that I realized that is probably why you were disappointed: it wasn't a fitting conclusion that matched the quality of the previous installments.
So I step down from my pedestal of vile vitriol and ask all to continue with their regular programming.