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I wanna bring up a subtopic for this movie: the references to the older films.

Personally, I thought all the references in SKYFALL was a gift from EON to the fans of the series. Just seeing all the little bits and pieces that we know and love come back in a flood of Bond geekery was just lovely.

Let's do a headcount of the references, shall we?

? = kinda thin, might not be a reference

  • OCTOPUSSY - Fight on top of the train
  • YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE - Bond's "death" (? - it wasn't planned this time)
  • THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH - Explosion at MI6
  • DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER - Bond riding an elevator from outside
  • GOLDFINGER - Bond saying "You must be joking" to the new Q
  • DR. NO - Issuing Bond a PPK (?)
  • LICENCE TO KILL - Palm-reading gun
  • GOLDFINGER - Radio-tracker
  • TOMOROW NEVER DIES - Bond's obituary
  • GOLDENEYE - Q mentioning "exploding pens"
  • GOLDFINGER - Aston Martin DB5
  • DR. NO and THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN - Secluded villain's island

Can you guys name more?
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