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Since health care reform actually reduces the deficit compared to before, who wants to spend more here?
Increasing demand will not decrease costs. It's impossible, despite what those advocating a centrally controlled economy tell you.

There's always unintended consequences with government bills like this. Always. After 70 years of massive government intervention in the health care market it IS a disaster. Mr. Obama's massive health care law only adds more fuel to the fire. We should be getting government out of the way and allowing the market to correct itself so prices accurately reflect supply and demand, not distorting the market with even more arcane Washington gobbledygook.

Mandating individuals to purchase health care is a cost to individuals. It may be all well for the collective for a short time but to think that it will actually lower costs especially in the long term is simply not true. Sure if you raised taxes to 90% on everybody that'll cut the deficit too won't help out the economy none and sure won't address the source of the deficit problem in the end which is spending. Just call it an air tax to breathe in this country, which it basically is. Oh, I HAVE to buy something from a company or I get fined, er "taxed"? Yeah that's swell for the grown adult capable of managing his/her own finances. Just wait until that tax starts hitting people there's no telling how bad its going to be for the economy except that it will be bad and have a negative impact.

I have no problem with a man being able to keep his cash. So let's end the Bush/Obama wars (and they have now become partially his for better or for worse, nevermind Libya and Yemen), stop the bank and car company bailouts, stop the mortgage bailouts and put legitimate age adjustments into Social Security while giving YOUNGER Americans the OPTION of cutting their losses and opting out. Those are some of the biggest ways government can save money. There are MANY others. There is ZERO need to raise taxes. None. Nadda. Zip. Instead the government only finds new ways to spend money and people wonder why we're getting progressively poor.

How can you control costs when you refuse to even acknowledge out of control spending in just about every area of government? People think things like healthcare are in a bubble completely not directly or indirectly effected by the millions of other things the government has its greasy hands on. Again its solving solutions for past solutions for other past solutions and so forth. The government always has a horrible track record when it comes to intervention like Obamacare.

HCR is a Trojan Horse designed to get us to single payer. We've had single payer for those 65 and older and now people actually want to make our system like Medicare and apply to all? ObamaCare cuts Medicare’s reimbursement in order to cover 30 million additional Americans who lack coverage. In the end it either rations care or spend far out of control. The biggest reason behind most of complaints about our healthcare system is you have 70 years of the very government interference you now want more of. You're trying to put out a house fire with a hose full of gasoline.