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There's no way you're going to have an honest open discussion with someone who says the other side are 'twats'. I mean seriously.
It's hard to have an "open discussion" with someone who won't elaborate on their points.

If we're pointing out typicalities, it's usual for the right to feign wounds to get out of a discussion they can't argue. Since creek wasn't providing any substantial counterpoints even before I started using "childish retorts", your reason for ending the debate is conciliatory.

Political discussions get heated and often generalizations are used. If you're hurt and left our discussion because I have insulted you, I apologize. To be honest, you've tickled my academic curiosity and I'm quite interested at picking your brain on why/how you think socialism is coming to America. However, if my observation above is correct (feigning wounds), then I'll merely shrug my shoulders and call it a day.