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Resident Evil: Damnation

An inferior follow-up to the surprisingly solid Degeneration, though Iím glad Leon got his personality back and didnít act like he had a stick up his ass the whole time. But all in all, this was a lot of fun on the action/horror battlefield that RE does at its best (ie. the games), proving my theory that the Plaga creatures would make terrific film monsters when used properly. See RE: Afterlife (Öon second thought Ė DONíT) for the wrong, stupid and spectacularly ineffective way. Here they reminded me of those classic squidgy, slimy and disturbing mutations of Carpenterís The Thing, and unless youíre a complete incompetent tool like Paul Anderson, how can you go wrong with that? The storyline, involving Leonís quest in a wartorn, fictional Eastern European country to eliminate bio-organic weapons, isnít the strongest note the series has ever hit. It feels more like a sidebar than a full-fledged story with personal stakes for Leon as a character, but I did appreciate how it at least tried to say something and be about something instead of just having soldiers and hot chicks fighting monsters to give slo-mo artists something to do. It makes all the difference Ė even in a wholly CG environment Ė when a filmmaker relies on believable settings, developed characters, and atmosphere to build their story around. Some of the dialogue is still clunky, and it has its moments of amateur schmaltz, but as an RE adaptation that wears its horror on its sleeve in the same way as, say, a 28 Weeks Later (read: with plenty of firepower and combat), it does the job right... Then again, I'm a REinvigorated fan after RE6 made a revived believer out of me, so take everything I said with a grain of salt.

-> 7/10