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Old 11-18-2012, 06:09 PM
Oh so it is happening to you also

I was going to send you my new mobile number so you could text me but it looks as though l will not be able to until this is resolved God of War

But as soon as things are up and running l will pm you

You see l have deleted pms from members because l wanted to make room in my pm box but by doing this l can not contact anyone
The only person l can pm is Dirtyfrog grins

So maybe the both of us didnt delete every single thing

If this is not fixed today l will contact Joblo he is on my freinds list on my profile l can still message in there well the last time l messaged in there was a couple of days ago l hope this is working plus l will check on the forum to see if l can click on your name God of War

Yes it is funny God of War
First of all you were able to text me and l couldnt text back because l didt have no credit but found out that my phone was buggered

So l bought a lovely up to date phone expecting that l would be able to contact you but geez we are still stuck in a rut grins
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