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I think that this is still doable. There would need to be oversight if it were to become policy to prevent corruption. This could also be paid for by the funds prisoners create by working, it would need to be a 3rd party organization. .

I also think this could be a benefit to many of the prisoners. Many will learn job skills that could help them in finding some work once out. They could even use their time spent working while in prison as a positive spin while seeking employment, showing they were responsible enough to work and earn their way. Many people still won't hire them just because they are felons but many may see this as some proof that this person can do the job and might be willing to stick it out.

You don't believe in the existence of lobbyists do you? Any organization that's gonna make that much money off such cheap labor is gonna protect that income to make sure things go their way as opposed to anyone else's. As for creating a third party organization, I will leave you with this scenario: people in this country already hate Unions, how do you think we're gonna feel about a Prisoner's Rights type of group bemoaning abuses and rights violations of working inmates?

And I'm sure that's the same amount of fucks you give in that scenario as well. So much for that idea.

Prisoners already have job training programs in prison. People don't hire ex-cons not because they don't think they can do the work or won't stick around, they don't hire them because they don't think they can trust them.

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