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I'm teaming up with Creekin on this. What you say is exactly what I've never really understood about the American brand of Conservatism you find in the Republic Party: The raison d'Ítre of the political rhetoric is to complain about government interference, too much government, bloated government, bad government, government dictation of how you live your life, government incompetence, etc. and then they advocate programs like: 1. The government has the right to imprison people and force them to work for the state -- you're advocating literal direct state slavery despite the constant rhetoric about much more ambiguous forms of state control which are labeled "slavery," 2. The government can spend trillions of tax payer dollars invading and state building in a country on the other side of the world despite the fact that they don't want it, and the government fails at being competent enough to provide the same basic services in their own territory

This is why I find Libertarianism such a more beautiful and elegant theory. It basically has one (very powerful) proposition: Each person has equal basic liberties and the domain of the government is only to protect property rights and uphold contracts. You can accept or reject the proposition, but the position is quite intuitive, quite consistent, and clever enough that it demands a good reason for you to explain why it is wrong.