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My wife can go to the mall to look for a shirt and spend 6 hours searching every fucking store for a shirt. Going back to forth between the stores. Then after she buys the shirt, goes back to the stores to re check. I spent less time to buy a $40 grand mini van. Seriously.

No, if she wants to shop for herself, she goes by herself or with female friends.

I shop like man. I go directly to the stores that might have want I want. If I see something I like in the price range I want to spend, I buy it. If it is at the first store, so be it. I do not second guess the buy.

Victoria Secret is another story. I like going in there to try to get her to buy the things I want her to wear. Sadly, I have very good taste and slutty taste, so she won't buy what I like. On the bad side, I hate it when 13 and 14 year old girls are walking around picking out stuff. I feel like a gross old man and try to stay away from the girls, which is nearly impossible. Mind you, I am usually they with my kids, so it is better off I stay in the hall.
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