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Old 11-20-2012, 01:13 PM
While I can appreciate the valiant effort, I think it's time some of you act upon what you no doubt already recognize. Having a meaningful discussion on a subject is next to impossible between people who have a firm grasp of the history, philosophy, competing ideologies, and even on a most basic level terminology of the subject and those who self-evidently have none of that but believe that their third grade level self formed concept of the same counts as being well-versed enough to have a fair counterargument and not be embarrassed to express it. This is not about a difference of opinion, it's about a difference of knowledge and understanding of the matter at hand.

I don't think I agree with the solutions anyone in the thread is suggesting, but some of you have objectively logical and cogent arguments that clearly come from having a more than cursory understanding of what you're discussing, meanwhile you're continuing to carry on debate with people who treat "the free market" the way Islamists treat Allah, those who suggest we return to slavery, and one obvious troll.

I spent hours and pages arguing with Lynn7 and John Galt so I can understand, but if I can offer my suggestion based on that experience: nothing will come of it but lost time.