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Again, great review I think you hit the nail on the head. This isnīt my favorite Bava but I still like it. The script is very disjointed and thereīs some real bitter plotholes but if you get past that, itīs still Bava and the movie bears enough of his trademarks that make it worth a watch, I love the part with the marbles. And Edwige is hotness personified. My favorite Cathedral song based on a movie is "Templarīs Arise (The Return)" from "Endtyme". But "Edwigeīs Eyes" rocks.
According to the liner notes on the DVD Bava made some very on the fly changes during shooting which could explain the plotholes.

"Night of the Seagulls" is my favorite blind dead Cathedral song, but yeah "Templar's Arise" is freakin epic.
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