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Say what you will about me, I would bang her thick or thin. Be healthy and dont worry about your weight all the time. I am not saying she shoudl go cow on us, but the extra weight she put on is normal and looks good. Same for Xtina Aggie. She looks bangable.

On a side note, putting on weight and not getting larger boobs is just a shame. Nothing worse than a fat chick with small boobs.
Well it is nice to know that you do not consider size as a factor and you look at other things in a person

Yes you had to mention breasts grins

A woman with no boobs looks out of place and sometimws with diffrent clothes it can make a woman look boysih

But then some men like women with no boobs and l dont understand waht a man sees in this

I also dont understand how women go for silocne boobs and want to look like Pamela Anderson where they are huge and have trouble carrying around that load it can affect the back carrying around a huge weight

Also sillicone boobs can look so fake and when you run they dont move a muscle
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