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Movies I tell people to watch? Pt 4

More Movies!!

Street Thief (2006) This is a sweet Mock-documentary film, It seems so real, and very well done, the name Casper Carr I will always remember. You would almost swear that this was a real documentary it's so well done. This also happens to be on Netflix I urge to to watch, very engrossing film.

Hunter Prey (2010) A Sci/Fi movie done in the older sci/fi style I enjoyed this, the hunters look a lot like Boba Fett's with the suits they wear from star wars. It's a good film on a small budget I enjoyed!!

Deathstalker 2 (1987) Yes, your seeing that right a Deathstalker, ignore all the other Deathstalkers (there are 4 of them total), But this is the best and a parody & Comedy of all those barbarian movies like Conan's, Deathstalker 1, and others like it. As for the film I couldn't stop laughing at this and enjoyed the hell out of it. I like the actor they got to play main, as well as the hot female lead. I think its funny the Director read the original script for this, and basically threw it out, and said that will never work and did his own thing which thank the lord, because the route he went, makes this the only Deathstalker you actually want to watch more then once. Its funny and Great in a good way. Please know you don't need to see Deathstalker 1 to enjoy this (trust me I'm doing you a favor for skipping it, and just watch 2 and end there)!
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