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If they really think unions are "outmoded", I have to agree with him. I'm tired of the debate, to be honest, but really, just read Karen Orren's "Beyond Feudalism" study that shows that it took militant unions to stop the centuries-long treatment rooted in English common law of workers as "servants" and employers as "masters". Even recently, people were made to wear diapers when working or face punishment for taking a bathroom break. But I guess stopping the legal treatment of employees as property is impeding on the freedumb of employers.
Yes this debate has had its up and downs

I feel have to say why are you talking about slavery and servents when this thread is about Obama winnig the election

Shouldnt you be talking about waht Obama is doing now instead of back tracking into the past or way into the past

i know that Obama is a negro and it is great that he has been able to show current generations of negros that you can make it to the white house and if you studie and get edcated you can acheive but l would like to see waht bama does in the up and coming four years