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someone PM'd me a list of Movies, some not yet in theatres, with my predicted Street dates

so here they are

Skyfall - Mid March
Rise of the Guardians - Tough one, could be march, or held off until nov 13
The Hobbit - May
Les Miserables - Mid April
Parental Guidence - Early April
The Guilt Trip - Mid March
Jack Reacher - Late March
Cirque Du Soleil - Mid April
Flight - Late Feb
Lincoln - Mid March
Wreck It Ralph - Mid Feb
Hitchcock - Late March
Life of Pi - mid march
Red Dawn - late feb
Argo - Late Feb
Killing Them Softly - Mid April
The Collection - March
Playing for Keeps - Mid to Late march
This is 40 - Late march
Zero Dark Thirty - April
Django Unchained - May
Promised Land - May
Texas Chainsaw - Late April
Gangster Squad - Mid May
The Last Stand - Mid May

hope this helps you

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