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I am now done revisiting this wonderful series and find it sad that it's over. Will it be another two years before revisiting? "Saw V" feels uneven with its flashback/present ratio and has shallow characters, but I still like it. Naturally, the twists started slowing down at this point. "Saw VI" is really badass and is a return to the series' greatness. Does feature a few small twists. Nice to see Eddie Winslow collecting a paycheck.

The series was supposed to conclude with "Saw VII" and "Saw VIII," and it shows in "Saw (VII): The Final Chapter." Some traps are quite random. They must have paid Cary Elwes a lot of money to return as Dr. Gordon after "Saw VI" somewhat flopped. The final scenario with trapped victims is effective although very similar to the one in "Saw VI." There are one or two small twists and it concludes on a cruel note. Almost everybody bites it, either to teach the main victim a lesson or end off the main storyline once and for all.

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