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OMFG dude..

Creepshow 4/10 ??????
Innkeepers 5/10 ??????

Watch 'em again but with your eyes open... it might help...seriously.


Originally Posted by americanmoviefan View Post
I've been on a horror movie binge, so recently, like in the past week, I have watched:

John Carpenter's The Thing 10/10

Nosferatu 4/10 (sue me, it's sloooow)

Creepshow 4/10

Slither 7/10

The Fog 6/10

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Street 5/10

Halloween (1978) 10/10

Village of the Damned 4/10

Hollow Man 7/10 (though not scary at all)

House of the Devil 5/10 (8/10 for the awesome build up, 2/10 for terrible finale)

Paranormal Activity 3 5/10

Insidious 9/10

The Innkeepers 5/10

An American Werewolf in London 5/10

The problem is that eventually you come to anticipate every single genre trope, so nothing is truly frightening anymore.
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