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lol stop playing the victim card, anyone who's been on here long enough knows there isn't a fucking 'liberal bias' when it comes to banning

moviemaster was trolling, plain and simple
Who's playing the victim card? Its clear that another poster was calling someone else a 'retard'. He didn't get banned. Why? I think its very fair and reasonable to point that out. There's no liberal bias when it comes to banning? Yes there is and if you don't realize it then you're probably liberal. Likewise same goes for conservatives banning liberals on some other boards because there's bias over there too. It comes with the territory of private message boards and I've seen it many times on both sides from different boards. There is bias if you refuse to recognize it or not. Its unavoidable IMO and nothing against this board in particular that's just the way things are in general. I have no problem with it even if a moderator/admin wanting nobody against their party on their board. That's their prerogative but not to at least acknowledge it as if it doesn't exist at least in the slightest is short sighted.

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