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None of us know if this thread was the reason for his banning. You have no proof of this, just like you have no substantial proof of a 'liberal bias' on this board. Feeling it in your bones isn't evidence.

My guess is that this thread has been a long, heated discussion with plenty of people skirting around the rules or breaking them. Bourahiro just came on to calm things down and give everyone a warning. MovieMaster has done plenty of things outside of this thread that could have been responsible for his banning. Neither of us know what the reason is, and it's none of our business.
Come on its like saying "nobody has substantial proof of racism or bias in our justice system so that means there is no racism/bias." Again like I've said before in this thread everyone pretty much has some level of bias. You've also completely ignored our point about what the Heart Collector has said.

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