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So I watched this again the other night. I must say, I liked it less the second time. While I still have no qualms about the time issues and pacing, the editing left a lot to be desired on second viewing. There are instances where a scene is clearly cut as a character is about to deliver another line. I still have to give Nolan kudos on how well, overall, this film was paced despite the breakneck speed of the editing. Without a doubt, this is the biggest drawback, to me, for this film. I also felt less emotionally connected this go round. The feeling I had leaving it the first time, came back even stronger this time. I felt the two biggest situations for conflict and drama for Bruce in this film would be the consequences of Alfred leaving, and trying to build himself back up to take on Bane the second time.

To me, these two instances should have been the focal point of the film. I'm obviously not a professional filmmaker and don't think I could put out a better product than this, so no, this is not Nolan bashing. Stripping everything away and looking just at story and plot points, I felt Alfred leaving was more important to the story of Bruce Wayne & The Dark Knight than any of the stuff with Talia (before the reveal) or JGL's cop. I would've loved to have seen a struggling Bats (like he was anyway) with the mental constraints of no longer having Alfred around, whom Bruce was clearly, incredibly dependent on.

Still, I loved the hand to hand combat, loved Bane, and loved the semi-final shot of Bats's face in The Bat flying over the bay. Still a great example of how blockbusters should be done, and the action set pieces were phenomenal. I was still more emotionally engaged than The Avengers, but I still think Avengers was a better spectacle.

But for me, Skyfall topped them both as to how a blockbuster should be done.
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