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What you consider a serious problem? How about the new black panthers standing in front of voting places talking "in a not so nice way" to would be voters? Does that count? It happened in 08 and 12 in Philly. Dead people voting is not a problem? Unions demanding that their members vote one way is not a problem? Same for companies?
Except for the dead people, you're describing intimidation, not voter fraud.

And that was ONE New Black Panther filmed; one less than from 2008 and its the same guy from 2008, unarmed, at the same voting site. They had more in attendance at the Trayvon Martin makeshift memorial: a whopping 5

Take Jon Lyrik to heart, we've had a number of reported issues this election cycle with registrations being thrown out and in S. Florida over 130 absentee ballots from seniors were being traded for favors in one district.

Florida officials found throwing out absentee ballots in 2012 elections

Florida Republicans' Ballot Fraud 2012

Department of Justice Investigating Alleged Ballot Fraud At Clackamas County Elections

Va. congressmen seek probe of trashed voter registration forms

and the list goes on...