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To me, this film has a Shakespearian feel in its delivery and presentation. There is lots of flowery language and itís rhetorically ornate. Thereís a fine line between being elaborate when being true to Lincolnís legend or being excessive by using his speech rhetoric and style to craft his every sentence in a long film. This movie is marked by intricate detail but it never feels excessive. So, it juggles everything perfectly in my opinion. The behind the scenes look at a complex issue and a complex man really works if youíre in the mood for a film where you need to focus and pay attention all the way through. As everyone has noted, the performances from what is an all-star cast are all wonderful and compelling. A special shout out to James Spader who just shines in a small part.


For those that saw it...
Anyone else feel that they should have ended the film right after his superb last line "I'd really like to stay but it's time to go" and then that exceptional shot of his silhouette as he walked away down the stairs??? They should have faded to the credits RIGHT THERE! That shot is almost as good as the last shot of John Wayne's character that ended The Searchers. Why the need to see anything else? We all know what happens next. We didn't need to see his kid freak out or him on his death bed. Even that last speech did nothing that could match the impact of the silhouette shot.
I agree with your "spoiler" statement. I was thinking the same when I watched it. Other than that, fantastic film. I will have to see it at least one more time to catch the nuances.
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